UKEX and ATEX 20 Certification for ground-breaking product

Semi-automatic Easy-clean Rotary Magnet
Up to 10000 Gauss with UKEX/ATEX 20 approval.

Greenwood Magnetics are proud to report UKEX and ATEX 20 certification for our ground-breaking rotary magnet approved for use in internal environments with continuous dust explosion risk.

The 10000 Gauss Semi-Automatic Easy Clean Rotary magnet UKEX/ATEX 20 is approved by notified body Intertek:

“Intertek Testing and Certification Limited, Notified Body number 0359 in accordance with Article 17 of Directive 2014/34/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council dated 26 February 2014, certifies that the product has been found to comply with the Essential Health and Safety Requirements relating to the design and construction of products intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres”

The Greenwood Easy-Clean Rotary Magnet is an inline magnetic separator used in vertical process lines for the extraction of ferrous and paramagnetic particles from dry product.

Real-world performance

It has been designed specifically for products susceptible to bridging such as milk powder or starch. The centrally mounted grid gently rotates extracting fine ferrous and semi–ferrous particles whilst ensuring that the product remains free-flowing, avoiding bridging or clogging.

Class-leading safety

The risk of explosion when handling and processing fine powders is well known. We believe the new Greenwood Rotary Magnet is the first to combine 10000 gauss magnet strength with easy-clean technology in a unit that is approved for use in UKEX/ATEX 20 environments where dust/powder explosion risk is highest.

Class-leading magnet strength

The new rotary magnet also offers class-leading strength. Many suppliers of industrial magnet systems quote the intrinsic gauss of magnets in their products. This is the maximum available magnetic strength of the magnets built into magnetic separators etc. However, as these magnets are installed inside casings, the strength actually available is diminished, in practice.

The new rotary magnet from Greenwood uses an innovative ‘scraper-plate’ design which means that the easy clean magnetic tubes have a magnetic strength of 10000 Gauss – tested and certified on THE CONTACT SURFACE.

Greenwood Easy-Clean technology

Greenwood Easy-Clean system allows the magnets to be readily extracted from the rotary unit so the ferrous and paramagnetic particles fall into a hopper for easy removal and safe disposal. This delivers a better, faster method of cleaning, improving operator safety and efficiency.

ATEX and UKEX Quality Assurance Notification

Intertek has also audited Greenwood Magnetics quality management system and confirmed it integrates fully with ATEX under Annex 1V in accordance with article 17 of the Directive 2014/34/EU and with UKEX under UKSI 2016:1107 (as amended) – Schedule 3A, Part 2. You can view the documentation here