Rare Earth Magnets Handling Advice

Warnings regarding rare earth magnets

Rare earth magnets are 10 x more powerful than traditional magnets.

They are fitted with keepers for your protection.

Handle with great care.

They are extremely dangerous.

They must be stored in their packaging and kept at least 12 inches apart.

Only unpack one magnet at a time. Once you have removed the packaging, handle only one magnet at a time.

We strongly recommend that the magnets are fitted with their keepers on, and then remove the keepers when the magnets are firmly secured into place.

When the magnets are removed from the machinery, replace the keepers immediately.

Always keep unpackaged magnets at least 3 feet apart.

During assembly, fix each magnet into place one at a time.

Do not place on steel bench or near other steel objects. Keep away (Min 1m/3ft) from computers, watches, CDs, heart pacemakers and other magnetic sensitive equipment.

Ensure suitable PPE is worn when handling magnets.

General precautions

Rare Earth magnetic material will maintain its properties indefinitely if the following guidelines are followed:

DO NOT subject to temperatures above 90 degrees C

DO NOT impact or shock load the magnetic material

DO NOT subject to excessive vibration.


Please note : Once you have taken delivery of these magnets, you are responsible for any injury arising from the use, assembly or handling of these magnets.

Rare earth magnet care

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