Tanker Magnet

The Greenwood Tanker magnet has been designed to fit on tanker outlets to filter ferrous contamination as it is delivered from the tanker to the point of entry. The tanker magnet is manufactured from 304 stainless steel, fully welded to food industry standards, and pressure rated to 10 bar. Ferrous metal blown through the pneumatic conveying line will be picked up by the high intensity rare earth bullet shaped magnet whilst keeping blockage to a minimum. The bullet magnet can be removed easily for cleaning by undoing the T knob (which can be locked with a nut if preferred) whilst keeping operational time to a minimum. Typically used in the food and animal feed industries, it has proved to be a great success for suppliers looking to improve contamination traceability, while offering a better, safer product to their customers.

Tanker Magnet

Customer Quotes

“Having this magnet on the tanker outlet gives us the confidence that we have protected our product from ferrous metal contamination right up to the point of entry into our customer’s facility. We have protection against ferrous metal contamination in our products up to the point of bin storage. This added magnet now gives us the confidence that we have protection from the tanker discharge, thus closing off a potential gap in our product traceability.”

"We have now supplied a second tanker magnets to one customer following the success of the first unit. Both are used for final product protection at point of delivery, guaranteeing that their products will be free of ferrous metal contamination. From an operational point of view the magnets seal perfectly in the pneumatic conveying line ensuring no leaks and importantly are very quick and easy to clean"


  • Robust design
  • Easy to fit into the line with tanker connections
  • Easy to clean with stainless steel T knob
  • Permanent Magnets, no power required
  • New style “flared” body to prevent flow restriction
  • New “double” pole magnet for extra strength


  • High intensity rare earth magnets up to 10000 gauss
  • Pressure Rated to 10 bar
  • Made to fit any line connections
  • Weight : 7kgs
  • Magnet weight : 2 kgs
  • Width : end to end : 400 mm
  • All 304 Stainless Steel

Please note that it is the users responsibility to ensure that the tanker magnet is suitable for use with their equipment.

Tanker Magnet

Tanker Magnet

The Tanker Magnet is shown in situ in the tanker line blowing flour