The Greenwood Permanent Magnets type CPM Elefant and CPM Elefant - Heavy Duty are designed primarily for fitting over conveyors for the extraction of ferrous metals within either wet or dry materials being processed. The CPM Elefant Heavy Duty is provided with a double row of magnets to attain the maximum magnetic strength and is used for extraction where the distance between the conveyor and the magnet face is more than 100mm.

Both magnets are fitted with support brackets and pivot studs. Two U-shaped brackets (provided with the magnets) are secured to the side mountings of the conveyor to support the studs. Fine adjustment of the height of the magnet is acheived by using the adjustable screws located on the U-shaped brackets.

On left Standard CPM Elefant. On right : All Stainless Steel encased Rare Earth CPM Elefant for the food industry

We have also developed a suspension magnet for incline conveyors which allows angle adjustment of the support bracket. This allows the magnet to be locked into place at the right angle for the conveyor.

As an optional extra, the client can also request the magnet has a facility to be locked into place for cleaning (after swivelling) as shown in the picture below:


  • Easily installed
  • Effective and consistent performance due to high magnetic flux density
  • Flush stainless steel magnetic surfaces are easily cleaned manually
  • Provided with handle to swivel magnet for cleaning purposes


  • Magnet strength - will extract ferrous metal objects weighing 12 grams against gravity from a distance of: (12 grams is equivalent to the weight of a standard 100mm long nail).
  • CPM Elefant - 100mm
  • CPM Elefant Heavy Duty - 160mm
  • Powerful rare earth magnetic probes can be fitted to penetrate dry granular materials for even greater efficiency
  • Available in sealed stainless steel as shown above for the food industry
  • Also available with powerful rare earth magnets to extract minute ferrous particles
Suspension Magnet

Suspension magnet type CPM Elefant

A Rare Earth Stainless Steel CPM Elefant Magnet suspended over a crisp processing line

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