Single Row Easy-Clean Grid Box with square to round transitions

The Greenwood Single Row Magnetic Grid Box is an inline magnetic separator used in gravity feed chutes for the extraction of ferrous particles within powder or granular materials being processed.

Manufactured in stainless steel, the flanged housing enables easy installation. The drawer slides out completely, giving access to the magnets. Once the drawer is removed, the inner tubes containing powerful rare earth magnets, slide out causing the debris to fall off enabling easy and effective cleaning.

The animation below shows the operation.

Single Row Easy-Clean Grid Box - no transitions
Single Row Easy-Clean Grid Box - no transitions


  • Easily installed
  • Direct access to magnets in chute
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • High intensity Rare Earth magnets
  • Available with flanges to suit square and round pipelines
  • Available with angle deflectors above and between the tubes for heavy contamination


  • Standard height 300mm (with transitions)
  • Standard height 150mm (without transitions)
  • Can be manufactured to food industry standards
  • Manufactured to your specific dimensions
  • Available with several detachable drawers
  • Tube spacing set according to your product being processed and rate of flow
  • Magnet strength - standard up to 12,000 gauss, easy-clean tubes 10,000 gauss

We also manufacture various other types of grid boxes depending upon the application required. Also see our double row easy clean grid box.

Single row grid box with 2 parallel drawers for ease of handling. Polished finish.
Single row grid box with angle deflectors to improve flow.
Single Row Grid Box

Single Row Easy-Clean Grid Box

This single row easy-clean grid box was supplied to a major international food producer. Manufactured to specification, the grid was fitted with a perspex inspection window and safety switches. The high-density rare earth easy-clean magnetic tubes filter loose tea with a flow rate of 5tph. Internally the welds were fully laid, ground smooth and crack and crevice free to food industry standards. External bead blast finish.

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