The Greenwood Easy-Clean Rotary Magnet is an inline magnetic separator used in vertical process lines for the extraction of ferrous and paramagnetic particles from dry product. It is has been designed specifically for products that are susceptible to bridging such as milk powder or starch.

The centrally mounted grid gently rotates extracting fine ferrous and semi –ferrous particles whilst ensuring that the product remains free flowing, thus prevent the product from bridging or clogging.

Particles as small as 30 microns can be extracted thus proving ideal for food and pharmaceutical applications.

Cleaning is a simple fast process. After the stopping the product flow, the access door can be opened and the rotary grid is removed from the housing. By sliding out the powerful rare earth magnetic rods, the metal contamination automatically falls off the tubes, which can be kept for analysis. Electrical safety switches are fitted to isolate the motor prior to access for cleaning.

Greenwood Magnetics Rotary Magnet
Rotary Magnet – door closed
Greenwood Magnetics Rotary Magnet
Rotary Magnet – door open
Greenwood Magnetics Rotary Magnet
Rotary Magnet- rotary grid being removed
Greenwood Magnetics Rotary Magnet
Rotary Magnet – Easy-clean Magnetic rods being removed from outer tubes

The Greenwood Magnetics Rotary Magnet in action


  • Easily installed
  • Easy to clean
  • Hygienic design
  • Polished internal finish (other finishes available)
  • FDA approved food quality seal (metal detectable also available)
  • Optional Extra: ATEX certification
  • Optional: Fixed “not easy-clean tubes” to 12000 gauss


  • Bespoke design to suit application
  • High Intensity Rare Earth Magnetic Material
  • Can extract ferrous particles to 30 microns
  • 9000 gauss (Optional upgrade to 10000 gauss easy-clean)
  • Housing and tubes manufactured from 316 stainless steel
  • 415 volt three phase motor
  • Flanged to suit specification