The Monster Block Magnet is designed for suspension over conveyor belts for heavy industrial applications where maximum pull is required. Deep magnetic fields are generated due to the sheer size of the magnet, enabling a pull from a much further distance – as much as 350mm. The magnet is fitted with dynamo eye bolts for suspension purposes.

The standard length is 500mm but this can be easily modified to suit customer requirements. Manufactured from a robust steel shell, it is ideal for heavy industries such as quarries and similar uses.

A Monster Block Magnet can also be manufactured as the integral magnet for overband magnetic separators where the customer prefers to assemble his own unit.
Monster Block Magnet
Monster block with easy-clean scraper (withdrawn) for fast metal debris removal.
Monster Block Magnet
In Situ – the client cut the sides of the conveyor away and suspended the monster block with easy-clean scraper from above.


  • Robust industrial design
  • Manufactured to customer specification
  • Powerful performance due to deep magnetic field
  • Easily installed
  • No power required


  • Will pick up a 100mm nail from 300mm (150mm deep magnet)
  • Standard length : 500mm
  • Width : to suit conveyor
  • Standard depth : 150mm
  • Weight : approx 200kgs (for 650mm wide conveyor)
  • Extra deep magnet : 200mm deep
  • Will pick up a 100mm nail from 350mm (200 mm deep magnet)