Greenwood magnetic rail

Greenwood magnetic rails are used underneath belt conveyors to hold ferrous objects to the belt. This may include tins, aerosols, baskets, in fact any item that is magnetic that is being transported by a conveyor belt. This may take the product from one work station to another or from a machining operation to inspection, storage, packaging or cleaning. Drilled and tapped to the customer's specification, they offer easy bolt-in installation, and long-term maintenance free service, without losing their magnetism.

Although we manufacture standard sizes, we also make special sizes according to the customer's requirements. We make magnetic rails in varying strengths according to the positioning of the magnet from the belt, and the type of product being conveyed. We also manufacture radiused rails with fade offs as specified by the customer.

Magnetic Wheels

We also manufacture magnetic wheels for transfer from one belt to another.

Crowned ferrite magnetic wheel 600mm dia x 120 wide with taper lock bushes


  • Flush Stainless steel surface
  • Manufactured in varying sizes
  • Different holding strengths
  • Permanent magnetism, no power supply required
  • Drilled and tapped for easy installation
  • Maintenance free
  • Specials available
  • All stainless steel encased available for prevention of water ingress
Magnet Rails

Magnetic Rails

Magnetic rails (straights and radiused) manufactured by Greenwood Magnetics for installation on a trimmer discharge elevator for 33 and 50 cl beverage cans - 350 per minute

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