The Greenwood Magnetic Plate Type Elefant is designed for fitting into inclined chutes. Manufactured with a 3 mm thick stainless steel angle frame means that the construction is robust, allowing rigorous handling. It also allows the angle frame to be drilled for fitting purposes. Available with either standard ferrite magnets or the more powerful rare earth magnets.

Plates are usually installed in the base of inclined gravity feed chutes for the extraction of powder or granular materials being processed. It is simply fitted into the cut-out in the base of the chute or hinged from underneath. State which method when ordering.

Elefant plate at standard length: 300mm x your width of chute
Magnetic Plate
Greenwood spout fitted with stainless steel encased rare earth magnetic plate. Note that angle is welded to the sides of the chute allowing fixing of the hinge and star knobs and wider magnetic coverage inside the chute.
Magnetic Plate
Magnetic plate supplied with our chute housing fitted into angled pipework in a flour mill
Magnetic Plate
Bespoke stainless steel chute manufactured to client requirements. Fitted with a high intensity rare earth easy-clean magnetic plate with quick release fixings. Magnetic strength : 4500 gauss on contact surface.


  • Encased in stainless steel
  • Manufactured in various shapes and sizes
  • Magnetic surfaces easily cleaned manually
  • Effective and consistent performance due to high magnetic flux density
  • Easily installed
  • Powerful rare earth magnetic probes can be fitted for extra penetration of materials


  • Magnet strength - will extract ferrous metal objects weighing 12 grams against gravity from a distance of 100mm (12 grams is equivalent to the weight of a standard 100mm long nail).
  • Flush face magnetic plates on request
  • Can supply spout fitted with plates to suit your pipe dimensions
  • Available with powerful rare earth magnets for extraction of fine ferrous particles
  • Can be supplied totally encased in stainless steel and fully welded (typically food and pharmaceutical applications)
Magnetic Plate

Magnetic plate in situ – in closed position in chute.

As the rear magnetic section of the plate is hinged back, the metal contamination is automatically released from the plate saving operators down time in cleaning and maintenance.