Magnetic Grids: Clockwise from top left:
Welded grid with deflectors
Welded with frame all round
Welded through bar
Welded to scalloped bar

Greenwood Permanent Magnetic Grids are designed primarily for fitting in hoppers for the extraction of ferrous metals from materials being processed. Manufactured to any size or shape, they are simply placed in the hopper to rest against the sides thus allowing the materials to flow through the grid. These grids, encased totally in stainless steel for rigorous handling, are often used in hoppers in the plastics industry.

For an even higher level of protection, double and triple banked grids can be manufactured. All grids are manufactured with powerful rare earth magnets, which can extract fine ferrous particles such as rust etc. Single Magnetic Tubes are also available with ends drilled and tapped to your requirements.

Easy Clean Magnetic Grids are being increasingly used by customers who require fast and easy metal contamination removal. These grids are fitted with an interlock. To clean the grids, remove them from the hopper, slide open the interlock, and slide out the inner magnetic tubes. The metal debris simply falls off. This is an excellent feature for operatives who clean the grids on a regular basis and saves downtime. Available in various magnetic strengths.

Closed, Open & Double Row Easy Clean Square Grids
Closed, Partially Open & Open Easy-Clean Round Grids


  • Simple light weight solution
  • No installation or fabrication required
  • Easily installed
  • Highly effective and consistent performance
  • Easy –Clean Options available
  • Powerful rare earth magnets
  • Double and triple banked grids available
  • Magnetic strength tested and certified
  • Supplied with full documentation and material certificates- if required
  • No Spares required


  • Manufactured from 304 or 316 stainless
  • Food quality available : fully welded and crevice free
  • Pharmaceutical quality available : Mirror polished and passivated
  • Spacing between tubes designed for type of product and flow rate
  • Can be manufactured to any size or shape
  • Magnet strength - standard up to 12000 gauss, easy-clean up to 10000 gauss
  • Bead Blast or polished finish (0.4 microns / mirror) as required
  • Suitable for use in ATEX zone 20 internal environment
Magnetic Grid

Magnetic Grid

A Greenwood Magnetic Grid positioned in the hopper is used to filter metal contamination from food ingredients in the biscuit industry.