High intensity (3500 gauss) Rare Earth Housed Magnetic Drum 300 dia x 600 long for metal contamination removal in a mineral plant in a high temperature environment. The motor was IP 65 rated, tropicalised with anti condensation heaters, and fitted with motion sensors.

The Greenwood Housed drum magnet is designed for the continuous extraction of ferrous metal contamination from dry bulk material. Material is fed uniformly onto to the surface of the drum from a conveyor, vibratory feeder or chute work, ensuring continuous contamination removal. As the outer shell rotates, clean product is allowed to free fall through the first chute, while powerful magnets hold ferrous contamination to the point where the magnetism ends, discharging the metal through the second chute, thus ensuring separation.

Metal contamination in chute 1 (Black) separated from clean product - chute 2 (Red)

Ideal for free flowing dry products such as granules, grains, minerals and powders.

We manufacture the drum in a:

Standard Ferrite Version – for general tramp iron contamination such as nuts and bolts

High Intensity Version – for fine paramagnetic materials where a greater level of protection is required. We can also supply the drum without housing where dust is not a problem and connecting chute work is not required.

The side panel is removed to show the magnetic drum which can be supplied without housing. The lever on the right allows for ideal positioning of the magnetic semi-spere.


  • High Volume Capacity
  • Continuous self cleaning
  • Permanent magnet - no power required
  • Ideal for abrasive products


  • Available with ferrite or rare earth drums up to 3500 gauss
  • Manufactured and finished to customer requirements
  • Mild steel or stainless steel housing – 304 or 316 stainless steel
  • Inspection covers, carry over blades and diverter plates included
  • Optional Magnet positioning lever
  • Drum rotation to customer requirements
  • Higher temperature – up 250 degrees C magnetic material available
  • 415 Volts 3 phase motor – supplied to customer specification