The Greenwood Hinged Suspension Magnet is designed for fitting over conveyors for the extraction of ferrous metals within dry materials being processed. We offer two strengths : Standard Rare Earth – typically 3000 gauss and the high intensity version with a double row of magnets to attain the maximum magnetic strength – typically 4000-6000 gauss. The advantage of the hinged design is that it allows closer proximity to the conveyor and greater safety when cleaning the very powerful magnets, as the magnets are fixed to the frame.

All stainless steel encased for fitting to a conveyor frame in the food industry.
Hinged back for cleaning.


  • Easily installed
  • Effective and consistent performance due to close proximity to conveyor bed.
  • Flush stainless steel magnetic surfaces are easily cleaned manually
  • Secure and safe design


  • Magnet strength - will extract ferrous metal objects weighing 12 grams against gravity from a distance of: (12 grams is equivalent to the weight of a standard 100mm long nail).
  • Standard Version - approx 80-150mm (depending upon size and shape of contaminant)
  • High Intensity Version – 150 - 190mm (depending upon size and shape of contaminant)
  • Encased in stainless steel, fully welded and sealed for the food industry
  • Powerful rare earth magnets to extract minute ferrous particles