The Greenwood High Pressure Pipeline magnet was designed and manufactured for one of the World’s leading confectionary companies. It is similar to the standard pipeline magnet (see pipeline magnet) but manufactured to much higher pressure.

High intensity rare earth easy-clean magnetic tubes (up to 10000 gauss) filter unwanted ferrous and semi –ferrous metal contamination from the product stream present in the line. Designed to 16 bar and pressure tested to 19 bar at ambient temperature, the pipeline magnet has quick release swing bolts to reduce down time whilst cleaning the easy-clean magnetic tubes.

Greenwood Magnetics Hi-Pressure Pipeline Magnet
As a result of the success of this pipeline magnet, the client requested a second high pressure pipeline magnet with a specially designed water jacket to prevent water leakage.
Greenwood Magnetics Hi-Pressure Pipeline Magnet
Other industries requesting the high pressure pipeline magnets include the ceramics industry:
Greenwood Magnetics Hi-Pressure Pipeline Magnet
Design pressure of 20 bar and pressure tested to 28 bar, this magnet was manufactured with 300Lb ANSI bolted flanges and fixed tubes (not easy-clean) with a 12000 gauss rating for filtering minute particles from slip
Greenwood Magnetics Hi-Pressure Pipeline Magnet
20 inch Pipeline Magnet for 12" line - ASME B16.5 12" 150 lb flanges - Pressure rated to 1bar- tested to 2.5 bar -Flange to flange dimension: 1050 mm. Pressure drop though pipeline 1 kPa.

Designed for the prevention of ferrous particles blocking flame arrestors in a gasoline pipeline.


  • Easily installed
  • Easily cleaned
  • Bespoke design customer requirements
  • Designed for high pressure lines
  • Bolted or quick release fixings optional
  • Powerful magnetic tubes
  • Highly polished internal crevice free surfaces


  • Certified drawings
  • Pressure Calculations
  • Declaration of incorporation
  • Complies with ATEX Directive
  • Material certification
  • Pressure Test Certificate
  • ISO 9001: 2015 certified
  • Easy-Clean Magnetic tubes up to 10000 gauss
  • Standard (non easy-clean) Magnetic tubes up to 12000 gauss