Rare earth magnetic separator Greenwood easy clean Flo-mag Magnet

The Greenwood Flo-mag is a rare earth magnetic separator similar to the Magnetic Grid Boxes but designed for smaller pneumatic lines. The sealed removable drawer has an offset double row of high intensity rare earth magnetic tubes with easy-clean facility.

Simply release the stainless steel catches and remove the drawer. By swivelling the front “G” catch, the inner magnetic tubes are released, causing the metal contamination to fall off into a waste receptacle. The magnetic tubes are so powerful that they will extract ferrous and paramagnetic stainless steel particles down to 30 microns at speeds of more than 20m/s.

Ideal for free flowing powders and granulates, it can be incorporated into either blown or vacuum lines, such as flour, sugar, salt, plastics recycling….
This type of separator can be offered as a viable alternative to the bullet magnet, with the added advantage of the easy-clean facility. Furthermore it actively improves safety with regards to ATEX regulations by effectively reducing spark risk in the process line.

We now offer 3 versions:

1 . Type A – The basic Easy Clean Flomag - quick release side clamps-pressure rated to 0.5 bar - maximum magnetic strength: 10000 gauss (on contact surface)

2. Type B - The high-pressure Easy Clean Flomag - quick release swing bolts - embedded seal-pressure rated to 4 bar-maximum magnetic strength: 10000 gauss (on contact surface)

3. Type C - The semi automatic Easy Clean Flomag - quick release swivel clamps-pressure rated to 1 bar-drawer supported on rails - semi auto with “scraper clean” technology with metal collection tray - maximum magnetic strength: 12000 gauss (on contact surface)

See photos below:

Easy Clean Flomag Variants
Easy Clean Flomag Variants in 'open' position


  • Easily installed
  • Direct access to magnet in chute
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Lockable adjustable stainless steel catches
  • Metal detectable food quality seal


  • Full 316 stainless steel construction
  • Manufactured to food/pharmaceutical quality : fully welded, fully crack and crevice free
  • Maximum strength rare earth magnetic tubes
  • Manufactured to specific customer specification and size of pipeline
  • Conforms to ATEX 20 internal regulations (simple apparatus)
  • Available with ATEX rated safety switches
  • Optional internal/external finish : polish/bead-blast/mill
  • Magnet strength - easy-clean tubes up to 10,000 gauss, semi auto up to 12000 gauss

Flo-mag Magnet

A Greenwood Rare Earth Easy-Clean Flomag used as a final check in a pharmaceutical powder line. 9000 gauss easy-clean, fully welded, crack and crevice free, mirror finish, passivated.

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