Greenwood Easy Clean Forklift
The Greenwood Easy-Clean Forklift Magnet

The Greenwood Easy-Clean Forklift Magnet is similar to the standard forklift magnet, but is manufactured for much heavier industrial use. It also has the added advantage of an easy-clean facility.

Designed with a wider face to pick up larger ferrous pieces of tramp metal from a greater distance and deposit them, it is ideal for scrap yards and similar sites. Once the pieces of metal have been collected, the forklift magnet can then be raised over a skip for releasing the metal easily using the quick release handle.

Customer Quote

"We use the forklift magnet to collect metal debris from laser-cutting and general fabrication. The magnet is very effective for collecting a variety of different sized components from 10mm in diameter up to steel packaging straps. It is an ideal tool for a fabrication workshop saving damage to tyres on forklifts and other vehicles."

Andy Hutchinson of Hutchinson Engineering

Greenwood Magnetics Easy Clean Forklift
Push down on the quick release handle.
Greenwood Magnetics Easy Clean Forklift
The steel pieces of tramp iron drop off quite easily.


  • Robust heavy Design
  • Easy to fit and bolt onto forks manually
  • Easy-Clean Quick Release handle
  • Corrosion Resistant


  • 12" wide magnetic face x 10" deep
  • Will pick up contamination from approx 6"
  • Manufactured to any width required
  • Weight : 1.5m forklift : 160 kgs
  • When ordering please specify fork width and centres for fixing purposes.

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