Double Row High Intensity Rare Earth Magnetic
Double Row High Intensity Rare Earth Magnetic Grid Box with polish
finish supplied to a world leading confectionery manufacturer.

The Greenwood Double Row Easy-Clean Magnetic Grid Box is an inline magnetic separator used in gravity feed chutes for the efficient extraction of ferrous particles within powder or granular materials being processed. Manufactured in stainless steel, the flanged housing enables easy installation. The double rows of magnetic grids are arranged alternatively, providing an excellent method of extracting ferrous contamination. Cleaning is extremely easy. Simply remove the quick release door, withdraw the grids from the box, and slide the magnetic tubes from their housing. The contamination drops off easily.


  • Easily installed
  • Highly effective and consistent performance Double rows of magnets provide maximum extraction of ferrous contamination
  • Direct access to magnets in chute
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Available with high intensity rare earth magnets
  • Supplied with flanges to suit square and round pipelines


  • Standard height 450mm (with transitions)
  • Standard height 250mm (without transitions)
  • Can be manufactured to food industry standards
  • Manufactured to your specific dimensions
  • Available with several detachable drawers
  • Tube spacing set according to the product processed and rate of flow
  • Magnet strength - standard up to 12,000 gauss, easy-clean tubes 10,000 gauss

Grid Box With Adjustable Tubes

The Magnetic Grid Box With Adjustable Tubes is sometimes specified by customers where the size of product and rate of flow may alter. Hence the customers can add or remove the magnetic tubes according to their wishes. This also enables the customer to alter the spacing between the tubes according to the specific nature of the product and the flow rate.

Magnetic grid box with double row adjustable grids
Magnetic grid box with double row adjustable grids. This particular model independently pressure tested to 6 bar and operates at 120°C.

We also manufacture various other types of grid boxes depending upon the application required. See also our single row magnetic grid box.

Double Row Grid Box

Greenwood Double Row Magnetic Grid Box

Greenwood Double Row Magnetic Grid Box filtering metal contamination from an ingredient blending line.

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