The Greenwood Permanent Magnet type CPM32 is designed primarily for fitting over carding automatic feeders and conveyors for the extraction of ferrous metals from either wet or dry materials being processed. The CPM32 (Continuous Pole Magnet) housed in rectangular aluminium is fitted with support brackets and pivot studs at each end. Two U-shaped brackets (supplied with the magnet) are secured to the side mountings of the conveyor to support the studs. Fine adjustment of the height of the magnet is achieved by using the adjustable screws located on the U-shaped brackets.

CPM32 Carding Machine Magnet
Greenwood Permanent Magnet type CPM32


  • Easily installed
  • Effective and consistent performance due to high magnetic flux density
  • Magnetic surfaces are easily cleaned manually
  • Supplied with handle to swivel magnet for cleaning purposes
  • Corrosion resistant


  • Magnet strength - will extract ferrous metal objects weighing 12 grams against gravity from a distance of 100mm (12 grams is equivalent to the weight of a standard 100mm long nail).ts
  • Manufactured in aluminium to any length to suit customer requirements
  • Also available with powerful rare earth magnets to extract minute ferrous particles
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