The Greenwood Permanent General Purpose Block Magnet is designed as an adaptable all-purpose magnet for the extraction of ferrous metals from a variety of materials being processed.

The magnet surface is flush stainless steel. A tapped M10 thread in the centre allows the customer to bolt one or several magnets in any formation desired. We can manufacture specials to virtually any size, all stainless steel encased, fully welded and to almost any specification required.

Also available as all stainless steel encased, fully welded and with powerful rare earth magnetic material.


  • Effective and consistent performance due to high magnetic flux density
  • Easily cleaned manually
  • Easily installed and handled due to light robust construction
  • Can be mounted collectively in lengths to suit customer requirements


  • Magnet strength - will extract metal objects weighing 12 grams against gravity from a distance of 100mm (12 grams is equivalent to the weight of a standard 100mm long nail).
  • Uniform magnetic poles across the face of the magnet
  • Tapped with an M10 thread
  • Dimensions - 150mm x 112mm x 40mm
  • Weight - 3.6kg approx
  • Available with powerful rare earth magnets
  • Can be manufactured to resist temperatures up to 300°C
  • Manufactured to any size required
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