Magnets and magnetic separators can fail for a number of reasons. Most common are physical damage and loss of performance.

Magnets are inherently brittle so any knock or shock can damage or even shatter a magnet.

Excessive heat is a common cause of magnets losing strength and performance.

A logical approach to repair

We use an analytical approach to our magnet repair services.

Our aim is to deliver the best solution for you and your requirements.

As bespoke industrial magnet specialists, we can advise whether it makes more sense to repair or replace your magnets.

Given the wide range of approaches to industrial magnet manufacture and our commitment to delivering the best service to you, we can only repair magnets originally supplied by us.

We hold extensive stock (in excess of £100,000) of spares and components allowing us to complete your repair as quickly as possible.

We also offer comprehensive maintenance & magnet testing services to help you ensure your magnets are delivering the right performance.

Greenwood Magnetics guarantee their products for 12 months subject to wear and tear.