Greenwood Magnetics are experts in bespoke industrial process magnet design, manufacture and support

Our technical knowledge and capability have been built over 70 years experience delivering high-quality magnet solutions to thousands of applications meeting our customers’ specific process requirements.

Design categories

  1. – Ferrous and semi-ferrous contamination removal
  2. – Materials handling
  3. – Manual and automated materials processing

Our process and mechanical engineering design professionals use their expertise and experience to provide our customer with the optimal solution for their needs.

As a bespoke manufacturer, we custom-tailor your magnet-solution to your own specifications. We use the very latest 2D and 3D CAD software and will send you a CAD drawing of our design for your approval prior to manufacture.

This allows us to always ensure that the customer is given the best possible system solution.

Magnet Materials & Applications

We have wide experience of both more traditional Ferrite magnets and more powerful Rare-Earth Magnets. We will specify the correct magnetic material according to the application.

A great example is the easy-clean grid magnet we designed recently for a customer:

CAD Drawing confirming design specification:


The finished product:

This animation shows how it operates:

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