Greenwood by name. Green by nature

Driving for a low-carbon future

Greenwood Magnetics goes green with EV

At Greenwood Magnetics we are taking our responsibilities to climate change seriously and as a growing company have recently made some investments in green technology.

We have installed fast chargers for electric vehicles and are now recommending to our employees that they should consider the EV alternative when they buy their next car.

In return, they will be able to charge their cars for free at our charging station, which is also available to our customers visiting the factory.

We also offer the cycle-to-work scheme to all employees if they prefer to cycle to work. The scheme covers both regular cycles and E-bikes meaning staff have access to the widest range of green transport options with a range of benefits.


Our green credentials extend into our factory and offices as well as out on the road. We have invested in solar panels, the lights in our factory are low-energy LED and all the common areas have PIRs. All taps in the bathrooms and washrooms have auto-stop functionality.


As well as taking practical steps to use less energy, the electricity generated by our solar panels cuts our fuel bills by half.

30kwh solar array at Greenwood Magnetics
30kwh solar panel array fitted to the roof of Greenwood Magnetics HQ

Approximately 50% of the electricity we generate goes back into the local grid.


Efficient manufacturing processes mean we keep our production of scrap metal to a minimum but packaging can generate a significant amount of waste material. As the majority is cardboard and wood, approximately 95% of our packaging is recyclable. In addition, around 50% of our general waste is recycled by our dedicated waste collection service suppliers.

Into the future

We are proud of the efforts we have made to reduce our impact on the environment but we are always on the lookout for new opportunities. As technologies and efficiency develop, we are sure we will be incorporating them in our working practices whenever practical.